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Discover the exceptional Fine Dining experience that the traditional restaurant Orah offers.
Located 10km away from Kezman Mountain Houses, at Novo Selo village (Raska municipality), it is situated on a unique property built in 1920.
Orah offers a fusion of rustic and fine dining dishes – a very good combination of French, Italian and local cuisine.

There is no standard menu at Orah. A new menu is created every day, along with dishes that are a permanent setting and often repeated at Orah.
The roasted walnut parfait is a signature dish of Orah. It is served on a warm chocolate date cake with home-baked apples and walnuts.
With this signature dish, the owners of the restaurant symbolically show grattitude to their walnuts from the estate.

Orah is named by the rare red walnut plantation located on the property. The restaurant can only be reached by reservation, as it can accommodate only
twelve guests at a time. The guests of Kezman Mountain Houses are always special guests of Orah. The private van transportation from Kezman Mountain
Houses to Orah restaurant is organised by head chefs – sister and brother (Teodora and Daniel Varadjanin).

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