Walking Tours

Take a moment to yourself.

Take a moment and distance yourself from the daily chaos of urban life. Walking is a perfect combination of exercise, fresh air and the quiet peace of a natural landscape. Quiet your mind by taking little steps towards the peaks of Kopaonik.

Our walking tours do not require any previous experience or special preparation.
By spending a day in nature, you can reduce your stress levels, enjoy bonding with other nature lovers
and bring with yourself a memory of a truly authentic mountain experience.

During our walks you will discover what it means to be in balance with nature.
As your body and mind will show you, any time spent in nature is good for the soul.

Tailored to your needs, our tours will take you through the most beautiful and hidden parts of Kopaonik.
We love seeing your expressions at the end of a hike – a smile on your face, tired limbs, and renewed energy after a great day outside.
The opportunities and benefits of walking are waiting for you, all you have to do is go!

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Walking Tours

Never stop exploring hidden corners of the mountain. Join us for a unique walking tour and discover the mountain from a different perspective.


e-Bike Tours

Experience fascinating nature and peaks up close. Electric bike allows you to tour around the most beautiful mountain landscapes, with minimal physical effort.


Team Building

Organise an unforgettable Team Building trip in nature. Exceptional accommodation, walking and e-Bike tours. Let us take care of your associates for a while.


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Experience the unique mountain atmosphere.

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